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What sort of organization are you?

An independent, not-for-profit, non-political club, founded in 2003, which introduces some of the best films of all time to people in and around Wells. A small committee, elected by the members runs the society.

Where can we see the films?

At the Wells Film Centre, Princes Road, Wells, BA5 1TD. Opposite the car park by the bus station, and next to Tesco. A real cinema, family-run, with wide screen, up-to-the minute digital projection, surround sound and comfortable, raked seating.


Monday every 4 weeks, starting 16 September. That's 13 films a year, as we do not stop for summer.

Who can join?

Anyone aged 15 or over. TWFS is non-discriminatory in terms of race, religion, politics, sex, etc.

What does membership cost?

£48 for an adult member for the full year of 13 films, reducing at various points for later joiners. So you could see all films at about £3.69 each. Look at To Join.

Our subscription rates are (a) student-friendly - up to 13 films for a total of £10 offers incredible value - and (b) family-friendly, as a family with more than one student does not have to pay for the second student onward.

How do I join?

Print the application form at To Join, fill in, and post, enclosing cheque. You will receive individual membership card(s).

What films do you show?

Films by the great directors: Hitchcock, Bergman, Renoir, Truffaut, Fellini, Dreyer, Ray, Powell & Pressburger, Buñuel, Ford, Kurosawa, Melville, Lang, Ozu, Welles and many more

... from different genres: musicals, thrillers, Westerns, romances, comedy, epic, noir, world-cinema, etc.

... in English, but also foreign languages with English sub-titles.

To give you an idea, we always keep on this web site the full history of films that we've shown - see Films Seen.

How can I find out TWFS’s future programme?

So far as it is known you can see it on the Home and Forthcoming pages of this web site.

At every TWFS film we hand out an A4 sheet of film notes and news. It's much appreciated. All known future films will be listed.

How do I find out the time of the next film?

Dates are advertised on this web site and in the Wells Film Centre’s web site.

Times are more difficult, as the cinema can finalize an evening’s schedule only when it knows what films it will be showing, for how long, in which screen. TWFS cannot dictate to the cinema, who do their utmost to accommodate us.

You can find out up to two weeks in advance from:

The Wells Film Centre’s website,

Local papers: The Wells Journal and related Somerset newspapers, published on Thursdays. The cinema places a weekly advertisement in the “What’s On” section.

For those members on email TWFS sends out a brief reminder, with times, 3-7 days before the film.

For those without the internet, it helps if their friends will take a look for them.

You can phone the cinema during their opening hours - 01749 673195.

How do I book to see a TWFS film?

You don't need to. Members can just turn up - but you must bring your membership card.

Can I bring a guest or guests?

Yes, accompanied by a TWFS member. They are Day Members. Each need pay only our present ticket price of £6 to a TWFS commitee member.

If I can't come ...?

You may lend your card to a friend. Be sure to get it back.

May I ask for films that I would like?

Of course! Give a short list to a member of the committee. No promises, of course, as others ask too.

WE must, however, emphasise that the sort of film we ask for is not on general release at the time. That means that there may be no current licence for public exhibition in a cinema - so we can't see it. The film must also have been digitized, as the cinema is right up to date and no longer has 35-mm projectors.

Another point ... At our AGM we hold a Member's Choice ballot. The winner can choose the TWFS film for May in the current TWFS year.

What’s the admission fee to a film?

Nothing at all for members, as your subscription covers it. For Day Members, see above.

What if I want to join later in the year?

We reduce the subscription fro adult members at various points. Again see To Join.

How can I help the Society to flourish?

If you are interested in joining the committee, contact any committee member, or email us.

Persuade your friends and acquaintances to join.

Contact us

If you have questions please email us.

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