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What’s it about?

Schuckert is a successful man in the construction business, using bribery of local officials as a tool. He also runs a night club where Lola operates in more than one way. Schuckert owns her.

Then arrives von Bohm, the new building commissioner intent on stamping out corruption. He meets Lola and ...

I mustn't spoil it.

This is the third of a trilogy by Fassbinder. We saw the first, The Marriage of Maria Braun, in January 09.

What some have said

"... despite Fassbinder's personal disintegration, this is one of the most stylish of his films ...", DT2

"... a daringly dark yet gaudily colourful comedy.", EFG, 4*

"A wonderfully upfront narrative viewed in primary colours ...", TOFG


Academy Award for Best Foreign Film; Cannes Palme d'Or.

Some on-line reviews: IMDB, Wikipedia.

(TOFG, VFG, 1001, EFG, H1000, RT, BN100, DP, NYFCC, DT, DT2, ...? What do these acronyms mean?)


Rainer Werner Fassbinder, 1981, WGer, 115 mins

Monday 31 March 2014